Best Restaurants in London

Best Restaurants in London

Best Restaurants in London

At present, no other country is probably as diverse and exciting of a restaurant capital like London. From the classically styled restaurants to the ones with a modern outlook, London has been the home to a lot of exquisite restaurants famous for their exotic menu and interiors. But the contemporary world is full of rush and overload of work, which creates a scarcity of time for people to physically go to a restaurant and dine. That is why doorstep food delivery is present in almost every restaurant situated all over London. You can get your favorite food delivered from your favorite restaurant at an affordable price using Deliveroo coupon codes.

Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in London.

  • Nutshell

This Italian food restaurant has a light and bright space which is inspired by the heritage of the Middle East. It is decorated with intricate floor tiles, bar stools, velvet banquets in pistachio green, pink rose petals, and more. Their food highlights include lamb cutlets served with potato tahdig and sour cherries, pan-fried bream and mussels accompanied by a chili-spiked sauce, charred prawns, and ghalieh mahi. For pudding, they have fig cream dipped and deep-fried crunchy pastry, chocolate dish fragrant in addition to zulubia, pistachio, rose, and cardamom. 

  • Fatt Pundit

They specialize in the Hakka cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. Their signature dishes are juicy steam dumplings and momos, spicy lollipop chicken, rabbit wantons, and crackling spinach with pomegranate zing and yogurt topping. They have an Indian chic café interior of a large dining bar, small tables, exposed concrete, and low and narrow structure. 

  •  A Wong

They specialize in classic Chinese cuisine, which is also exotic. Their famous dishes are Peking duck, crab claws, sweet n sour ribs, lobster on rice, poached meringue along with fruits, and some other desserts. Their à la carte boasts of a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you are a visitor or a resident when in London, you should never miss food from A Wong.

These restaurants are famous for their signature delicacies and are celebrated across London. However, amidst our busy lives, not always do we get the chance of visiting the restaurants. That is where these food delivery apps step in and make lives easier for us. You can easily enjoy the same food with your friends and family in the comfort of your home or office. You can use Deliveroo coupon codes to order food from these top restaurants and avail exciting deals like free delivery, 50% off, cashback offers, etc. So, stop worrying further and enjoy your favorite dishes from the best restaurants in the town.

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