Not Every Bully Breed Is Vicious – Good Care and Love Is All You Need

The house down the road wasn’t spooky however when inside a companion inadvertently dropped a paper with his name on it and we as a filhote american bully got in a tough situation. No phantom. Legend uncovered.

The startling outsider assistant ended up being the mother of my second grade ”Steve Urkel” type pulverize. Fantasy uncovered.

The mean elderly person in the lush home was an OK fellow and even let us pick new apples from his tree. Legend uncovered.

Concerning the detestable man-eating Bully Breed hounds, lets get to uncovering the realities.

One of the greatest and most successive Pit Bull Myths I hear is;


At the point when I was a child I had heard the Pit-Bull lock jaw fantasy such a large number of ordinarily. It made for the sake of entertainment youth discussion and even I trusted it…So numerous individuals said it so it must’ve been genuine right? It wasn’t until I did a pursuit regarding the matter that I got reality. What number of individuals do you think set aside the effort to check the realities about Bully Breeds? Very few I’d wager.

The physical bone structure of a Bully Breed salvage hound is the same than any canine variety. Their jaws have no capacity to ‘lock’ in any feeling of the word and any suggestion in any case is simply Pit Bull!

The Pit Bull Lock Jaw Myth Exposed!

PROOF:Dr. I. Lerh Brisbin, Ph.D. – Senior Research Scientist with Savanna River Ecology Laboratory; University of South Carolina Professor: Expert in conduct, preparing, and treatment of the American Pit Bull Terrier and their life systems.

He expressed that;

“Pit Bulls don’t have locking jaws. In view of genuine pooch analyzations and estimation of their skulls, the proof showed that pit bull jaw muscles and bone structure are equivalent to other also measured canine.”

Pit Bull lock jaw fantasy uncovered! Be that as it may, our Bully Breed companions do anyway have a solid will and in a round of “back-and-forth” are almost difficult to beat so on the off chance that you improve have the vitality and solidarity to complete the champ! Good-karma with that!

Tragically, the realities about Pits are more earnestly to discover than the fantasies. Lets continue moving…


This is a joke and its a disgrace anybody ever trusts it, individuals ask me constantly, do Pit Bulls snap? I have caught wind of the thought that ”the Pit-Bull’s cerebrum never quits developing and in the long run it outgrows the skull and the canine detonates into an attack of anger” which is crazy and demonstrated not to be the situation. I surmise that is a Bully Breed fantasy wrapped inside a legend! This is craziness! Presently lets have some presence of mind talk, the most essential idea that rings a bell is, “Well, okay anticipate that your Yorkie should snap one day?”

I most likely wouldn’t expect fair speculation individuals to accept this fantasy. The realities about Bully Breed hounds are that they are the same than any thoroughbred or salvage hound breed in presence. Regardless of whether a Bully Breed gets forceful there are continually notice signs going before an assault.

This is a fantasy anyway that can’t be “demonstrated” so-to-talk similarly that you or I can’t demonstrate that a hare doesn’t talk when no one is around to tune in. Its simply more feed for sentimentalist stories that depend on no truthful information or proof to ever propose something else. Getting these facts out in the open will work well for in our battle against Breed Specific Legislation.

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